Who We Are

A women and transgender run company, Chiral Filmworks formed in 2019 with a mission to create high quality films that create space for self representation of marginalized and vulnerable communities as well as other issues of social importance.



Our Work

Providing scalable, full service documentary, narrative, and animated film production services, at Chiral Filmworks we take pride in helping our clients tell their own stories in a way that is both socially empowering and visually stunning. 

By offering affordable options for flat, hourly, and day rates, our experienced and community-minded team makes it easy to tell us your project idea – be it a feature-length film, documentary short, advertisement, PSA, training video, or whatever else you’ve dreamed up – and let us make it a reality.

Click on one of our titles to view our recent and ongoing projects and see how we’ve been able to help others tell their stories.

Distance: Sex Work in the Pandemic


Our Debut Feature Documentary

Voices of the Villages


Documentary Short on the Village Model as a Solution to Homelessness

Our Trails Too


Oil-on-Glass Animation for Diopter Media’s Our Trails Too (2019)

Friends of Family Farmers


Branded Media for Oregon Non-Profit Friends of Family Farmers

“Vivian is a compassionate filmmaker who tells stories accurately and with the utmost care for the communities she represents.”

Vivian Veidt

Born in San Fransisco and educated at the Portland State University School of Film, transgender director and animator Vivian Veidt (she/her) has both passion and skill in telling the stories of those in vulnerable communities.

In 2007 Vivian took her first job as an animation intern in Fukuoka, Japan and fell in love with the art form. She then moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a freelance animator until 2010 when she decided to pursue a formal education in film. Since then she has gained experience in advertising, documentary, narrative short film, video game design, and live television.

In 2019, Vivian founded Chiral Filmworks in order to further pursue her newfound love of documentary, while still getting to animate whenever she has an excuse to!

Sosha Belle

Oregon born and raised, Sosha Belle (they/them) has been a part-time contract videographer for the past 12 years as they amassed the eclectic collection of skills that make for a good film producer and business owner. They’ve gained a diverse work portfolio over the years including customer service, event planning, education, stage performance, and sales management. Having even served a spell as a head lice removal technician, Sosha prides themself in being a “professional nit-picker.”

Sosha first started making videos as a side-gig to pay for their Musical Theater and Psychology education at Oregon State University, and then their Masters in Pastoral Ministry from University of Portland. This diversity of education informs Sosha’s passion for genuine human communication, as well as their flair for the dramatic.

In 2020, Sosha met Vivian at a karaoke bar and the two discovered their mutual love of visual storytelling. Sosha joined the Chiral Filmworks team in 2020 as producer for “Distance: Sex Work in the Pandemic,” and became a partner in the company in 2022. 


Sosha Belle smiling

“Sosha is a joy to work with. As the face of the company, they make everything smooth and comfortable. I felt relaxed knowing Sosha was in control of the project.”

Tell Your Story

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